DANKKON the website experience


the website experience

This is the official site of the spci boys! Greatest MLG cool hot stuff dudes of the century.

Most sites can't cater to the Xtreme needs of a spicy boy. You're here so I imagine you're left feeling empty when visiting most shites. Welcome to heaven! Check out some sasasdasdasdasdasdsick nasty contentt heres bois

IF YOU HAVE AUTOPLAY OFF TURN IT ON. I didn't pick sick music for nothing


Birth of The Doctor: 3/16

Happy birthday to the doctor. Light one up for our beautiful resident genius. We'll be celebrating with dank kush and video games I assume. Getting older only means you get better at video games soooooo now the dr can crush every other dank spici boi even harder. Good job and may your birthday be filled with good stuff and not bad stuff.

Birth of dankkon: 69/69/69

Dankkon site is live bb. Get with it and geaud on board. mmm ya.
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