DANKKON the 2023 experience


Coming 2023

Dankkon isn't just a site. It's an event. THE EVENT. It's happened before and its happening again. Soon.

The spiciest amoung us get together and straight VIBE it out in person for a few days. You can't even handle it.


The ultimate gathering for spicy bois. 2023 edition: bear fucking. That's right. We're going camping. This time it won't be cold and windy. I'll fight god to make sure the weather is prime. Basically.
Grill a hotdog. Eat a drug. That's the deal m8


May or june or some shit like that. When its warm and good weatherr for #blazing it. 3 days (maybe)


The mountains. Directions: Go to colorado. Look around until you find a mountain. Go to it. Boom you've arrived at the Dankkon 2023: Sleeping with bears edition.


  • Clothes: Jackets and pants and underwear. Or not your choice. Keep it skimpy n sexy if ya wanna. as seen here
  • Sleeping bag and blankets: might be warmer in july but it's still chilly as fuick at night. unless you wanna cuddle and breath in my mouth
  • sleeping pad: THe ground is hard. Probably the second hardest thing in the woods if ya know what I mean.
  • Shoes: You a hobbit? Nah? bring shoes damn.
  • Light: You a cat? Nah? bring a headlamp damn
  • Water bottle: You a camel? Nah? Bring a water carrier damn.
  • Climbing shoes: Wanna get fuckin high? I got the thing for you
  • Drugs: oh you also wanna get high don't forget the sweet sweet devils lettuce.
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