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Here you can learn about the bois of the dankkon. Why wouldn't you be curious

Name portrait email bio special move(s)
The Sportsman sportsman@dankkon.com A true spicy boi who leads the pack at being the worst at the games but the best at the being the sportsman. A mountain and a computer nerd. Peak performance. perfect drunk
dankasaurusRekt69 dankasaurusRekt69@dankkon.com His name says it all. King of dank and of rekting and of 69ing. When he remembers to be good none can styand in the way. chop xhop baby. pretty fuxin hot too. hammer time
Dr. "The-Doctor" P thedoctor@dankkon.com The smart one of the gang. Check out the brains on that one. BAM. Best at games and best at math so really the complete package. 420 no scopce
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